How long will it take to design my book?

It depends on the size and type of your book as well as the demand at the time. However, it should take no more than 2-3 weeks to have your book designed and published. You will get a more accurate delivery estimate when we discuss your needs.

Once my book is published, how long will it take for printing?

Printing takes approximately a week and shipping another week, unless you order express shipping. So, from start to finish, you should receive your printed copies well within 5 weeks from the initial design request.

Why does each printed copy cost more than books I normally buy at the bookstore?

Actually, high-quality photography books are pretty pricey in the store. However, customized, on-demand printing costs more than the books printed at huge volumes by huge publishers. The efficiencies are lost with small quantities and therefore the cost per book rises.  But hey, maybe once your book is in print, a big publisher will take it and run with it… you never know. :)
— ask about discount pricing on larger order quantities

Will you help me market my book to stores and publishers?

That is a service Bluebird Press provides, but details and fees are hammered out based on your book and your goals.

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